Essays & Articles

The Neuroscience Logic and Metaphysics of Mindfulness Meditation

Choosing Reality- Karma and Free Will

Toward a Foundational Middle Way Quantum-Ontology

Toward an Integral Ecology of Mind

Realizing Human Happiness

Buddhist Dzogchen: Being Happiness Itself

Buddhist Meditation-Shamatha and Vipashyana

No Time, No Self, No Problem

The Four Buddhist Tenet Systems: Variations on a Theme of Wholeness

Quantum Emptiness and Buddhist Impermanence

Being Happy Now: The Metaphysics of Presence

Human Happiness and Mindful Breathing

Primordial Wisdom Mind

Let It Be: Basic Mindfulness Meditation

About Time

The Collapse of Objective Reality

Quantum Cosmology and Buddhist Emptiness

Realizing Human Happiness – Toward a Noetic Science of Matter, Mind and Spirit

Varieties of Buddhist Experience – Dzogchen and Quantum Emptiness

What Is Human Happiness-What is Buddhist Emptiness

Buddhist Basics: Being Happy Now

Primordial Consciousness: Dzogchen  Panpsychism

Rush to the Higgs?

Our Emerging Noetic Revolution

The Buddhist View: Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen

The Emerging Noetic Revolution: An Introduction

Being and Time: Toward a Post-Standard Model Noetic Reality

The Gnosis of Light

Dzogchen and the Nine Vehicles of Enlightenment

The Emerging Noetic Revolution: Unifying Our Two Knowledge Paradigms

Principia Dharmata: The Buddhist View of the Nature of Mind

The Problem and the Opportunity of Consciousness

Being the Whole: Toward the Emerging Noetic Revolution

‘Physics in Trouble’: Matter Behaving Badly

What Does It Matter What Poetry Is?

The Zen of Wine

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