Toward a Centrist Noetic Science of Matter Mind and Spirit

Value-free science? Science’s “fact/value” dichotomy is a misleading modernity myth. Science is quantitative and qualitative. The “qualitative”—judgment—is active, yet suppressed in scientific praxis. So let us shamelessly recognize and strategically develop this brave new world of our post-ideological, ontologically relative qualitative dimension  in science.

What is now urgently required is a new Wissenschaft; a “post-empirical”, post-ideological integral noetic ontology, with a centrist epistemology and first-person methodologies that explore our experience of this trans-rational, yet contemplatively knowable subjective ultimate or universal post-quantum reality matrix, this original emptiness base, our “groundless ground”. This reflexive primordial awareness wisdom base (gzhi rigpa, vidya, gnosis)—”fundamental innate mind of clear light”—is known to our wisdom traditions as perfectly subjective great kosmic whole, our “supreme source” in whom relative spacetime cosmic particulars—energy, mass, force, charge, waves, particles, fields and people—arise and participate. How shall we understand this?

Mereologically, wholes and their parts are interdependently related. The prior ontic unity that is this vast unbounded whole—this perfect sphere of Dzogchen—transcends yet embraces its parts, while the nested holonic parts perforce participate in the whole. From the dualistic view of Relative Truth, part and whole are separate. From the nondual view of Ultimate Truth, part and whole are not essentially separate but a prior and present unity, one truth, invariant through all cognitive states—objective exoteric, subjective esoteric, pre-conscious, supra-conscious and nondual.

This view is, to the savants of the culture imaginaire of “normal science”, experimentally remote. Clearly, such an integral noetic science requires a methodological “post-empirical” relaxing of the a priori knowledge taboo of our obsessively objective positivist view and praxis of classical (non-quantum) Scientific Realism/Materialism. Such a Kuhnian scientific revolution is now upon us. I have here and elsewhere referred to this seismic paradigm shift—our new wisdom meta-narrative—as the noetic revolution in matter, mind and spirit (Boaz 2015 a).

The physical, basal quantum vacuum ground energy—dark energy, Einstein’s cosmological constant lambda (Λ) of quantum cosmology—with parallel Buddhist primordial emptiness ground (shunyata/dharmakaya) in which this vast energy vacuum arises, provides a holistic basis for the arising rapprochement of objective Science with subjective Spirit. Objective and  subjective: these two dimensions of mind—our noetic doublet—are the two voices of unified human cognition. Such an integral psychology requires noetic contemplative research methodologies that utilize both quantitative objective third person data sets, and qualitative subjective first person reports: introspective personal, transpersonal, contemplative (Boaz 2015 a).

In 1928 English physicist Paul Dirac derived a relativistic wave equation, the prodigious Dirac Equation, which reconciled Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory (SRT) with Bohr’s and Heisenberg’s matrix mechanics, predicted antimatter, and won its creator a Nobel Prize (1933).

The result of this sublime equation was Relativistic Quantum Field Theory (QFT), the  quantum logical formalism for fabrication of quantum mechanical models to describe interactions of hitherto physical spacetime located subatomic particles, and their trans-physical fields. Holistic QFT moved quantum mechanics from a particle ontology to a field ontology resulting in the computer, the laser, and the bomb. The two forces of the Standard Model—unified electroweak and strong nuclear (gravity is post-SM)—abide within the mathematical formalism of QFT. Physical particles are now subsumed by the ontic priority of the quantum field. Matter/mass becomes participation of excited particle states in a new reality of the dynamical zero- mass quantum field. Particles are now but theory-laden factoids embedded in a greater reality.


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