Now is the time to enter in
Now is the time to be
Timeless luminous mind awake
Primordial ground being itself

That boundless whole
Embraces all the worlds
Diaphanous Spring rainbow
Here among the stars 
Bright rainbow beings arise
Adorn this unborn perfect ground

No need to fear it
No need to fix it

All that arises warm summer rain
Let it be present just as it is
Absent self past future
Absent judgment positive negative
Absent attraction aversion

All that arises breath on Autumn wind
Vast original wakefulness clear light mind
Formless awareness ground embraces
All forms and embodied beings in its light
Beyond hope and fear perfect as it is

Bright presence that I Am
Yes luminous mind awake
Sweet scent roses in Winter’s light
As it is already accomplished
Rest in that now

Always being that
Arise again enter in
As happiness itself
For all living beings


—David Paul Boaz Dechen Wangdu 

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