From timeless primordial awareness ground we arise.
Boundless openness this vast interdependent whole.
Being itself. Great gift being here in spacetime form.
It seems to have a beginning a middle and an end.

Twenty minutes of stormy desire.
Twenty minutes of hope and fear.
Twenty minutes of painful decline.
Then the ashes.  Anitya.

Just so does the hour of our lives go up in smoke.
Brief candle consumed in this fiery cosmic crucible.
All consumed. Benighted form. All nothing at all. Yet
Nothing cannot be. So within this numinous  ground 

Ever arising song of resplendent form in formless empty space
Bespeaks its prior and present unity told now in Lovely rainbow Earth
Here among the stars. All-pervading unborn original wakefulness.
Bright Presence ever present at the Heart. Boundless Great Love
Embraces the worlds and all of us gently in its perfect light.  Vidya.

That is who we are. Selfless supreme identity already awake.
Lucid place of rest. Naturally free just as it is. Perfect as it is.
In fearless wisdom beyond wisdom we soar in timeless unceasing
Self-knowing samadhi of certainty. Yes. Perfect Happiness Itself.

Now that you know
Arise again from the ashes
And do some good.
It’s like coming home.

                —David Paul Boaz Dechen Wangdu


Ati Ground Path Fruition always already
Accomplished View Meditation Action

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