What does it matter what poetry is?
All that matters is the eternal movement behind it.

-Dylan Thomas

What is this eternal movement? What is the nature or essence of mind who is aware of it? Who is it that moves in this beauty, and shines awake? In whom does this all arise?

The energy that we are arises and descends each moment from its great sourceground as movement, relative motion in space and time. This ultimate source or matrix of the light energy that is organized as matter is prior to time, an infinite non-dual subject/object unified field. It has many names. It is utterly ineffable. Humanity’s Wisdom Tradition, including recent quantum physics, views this ground of physical and mental forms unfolding as a primordial unbounded whole in whom is enfolded the perpetual mystery of all that is. This supreme source transcends yet embraces all phenomena arising therein. Perception ruled by conceptual mind sees only the parts. Wisdom mind understands, then acts in conscious relationship with the whole. Wisdom knows “Energy is Eternal Delight.” Sublime beauty. Great joy for us. How then shall we move from being apart to being this whole?

It is told through our Great Wisdom Tradition—that stream of radical truth that flows through all traditions—of the non-dual singularity of this whole there are “Two Fundamental Truths,” two ways of being here. We live in two worlds at once! Ultimate Truth is the vast expanse of the whole itself, all embracing non-dual Spirit that is our “Big Mind.” This selfless, pure intrinsic awareness cannot be grasped by the concepts and beliefs of the realm of Relative Truth that is “Small Mind,” the dualistic, subject/object separated reality of our perceptual and conceptual knowledge and experience. However, the ultimate unbroken whole—our acausal perfectly subjective source embracing all arising physical and mental objects—informs, enlightens and delights our everyday relative cause and effect world. It is profound. Yet, wonder of wonders, it is always fully present and awake at the Heart. At our spiritual Heart we may touch it. Here, undreamt of in the thoughtful slumber of human reason and belief, beyond hope and fear this, our all inclusive base of reality—reality itself—is experienced by all human beings, brief moments, perfectly, just as it is. Whether or not we recognize it. Wisdom recognizes it. Wisdom trusts this awakening. How then shall we awaken to this uncommon wisdom?

Primordial Wisdom continually recognizes itself in the paradox of the natural perfection of all our experience, shines awake through the mind and abides at the Heart of all beings. Calm, clear, delighted. Great beauty of it. Here is the happiness that is always present. Here is the happiness that cannot be lost. No need to seek it. No need to improve it. Good to practice it. Practice consumes conceptual/emotional veils that seem to obscure its constant presence. Practice recognizes, not tomorrow, but here and now this primordial wisdom seed at the Heart, then realizes, then actualizes in the world—for oneself and for others—the great happiness. Practice is the imperfect intention, then action of our perfect, innate, selfless wisdom mind. Such wisdom naturally intends kindness toward all beings. Wisdom delights in kindness. This wisdom of kindness arises spontaneously through occasional, then moment to moment recognition of the all-inclusive unbounded whole that is our origin and aim. This prior essential great perfection is the vast love that binds the worlds. That force is essence of our being, the very nature of mind. This bright enlightened Heart essence, by whatever name, is who we are. Relax now into That and be supremely happy. So it is told by the masters of our Great Wisdom Tradition.

Thus it is, from such a ground do we descend, breath of one voice, bright fugue these many colors, forms falling, light steadfastly mirrors our never separate, ever present presence of this supreme source as we ascend again, each moment return to that in whom this all arises. Who is it? Tat tvam ami. That I am. Without a single exception.

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