Our titular concern: with the collapse of local objective spacetime reality, what is real? Who am I being here in time? Our venerable quantitative Standard Model of particles and forces with its two incommensurate and incomplete epistemic pillars—Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity Theory—is in process of a post-materialist, post-metaphysical Kuhnian knowledge paradigm shift. We have learned to view this inchoate scientific/cultural revolution by the lights of the qualitative methodological enrichment of neopragmatic Buddhist Prasangika/Dzogchen ontology, epistemology and psychology.

Does not this all point toward a providential coming to meet of the subjectivity of Pre-Modern East and the objectivity of Modern/Post-Modern West through this emerging 21st century epistemic colloquy of Buddhist philosophy with quantum physics and cosmology; and through this, a gradual rapprochement of objective Science and subjective Spirit?

Such a unified objective/subjective view and praxis—with its contemplative neuroscience of consciousness, and its numinous post-ideological soteriology—presents a propitious opening for the integral  noetic science of matter, mind and spirit that is both origin and aim of our emerging Noetic Revolution; and the compassionate, healing wisdom—our  intrinsic indwelling Wisdom Mind—by whatever concept or belief—that abides therein. It’s like coming home. Let it be so.

David Paul Boaz Dechen Wangdu   www.davidpaulboaz.org  www.coppermount.org

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